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Serving Chicagoland since 1998!

Let’s face it, selecting the right technology partner is a critical decision.  A partner you can trust, one that is focused on the long term, one that is large enough to handle your company now and in the future. 

Since 1998, clients throughout Chicagoland have been able to relax and focus on THEIR businesses, knowing that Axcell Technologies is there to support and advise them.

We serve clients across many industries including:


Axcell works with General Contractors, HVAC Contractors, Electrical Contractors, plumbing, paving and many others. Providing stable and reliable access to information in the office and in the field from preparing the bids to contract completion.

Mortgage Industry

Axcell has extensive experience with all aspects of the mortgage process and all of the related software and systems including Encompass 360 support and customization.

Accounting and Financial

Axcell has experience supporting most major accounting, financial, and tax software platforms and is well versed with the unique demands of these industries.

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Creating Clients for Life

“We are committed to delivering the cutting edge technical solutions along with the quality of service that creates clients for life.”

– Rick Vines, President

Numbers DON'T Lie

We focus on our clients, they focus on their business

Our client retention rate over 13 years (We still have our first client)
Our consultant turnover rate (Our clients like seeing the same faces)
0 min
Our average response time to a client submitted service request (We guarantee 12 min)
Amount of data that has been protected by Axcell throughout our client base of over 13 years

Listen to what our clients say about us!

Easy to work with! Long Term Business Partners!

"Axcell Technologies is one of the few technology firms I have worked with that was able to deliver a completely reliable network operating environment to support our rapid growth (2 1/2 years with no unplanned down time). I intend to continue working with Axcell in the future, the ultimate endorsement."
Charles Yager
"We've outsourced our IT to Axcell for 7 years. They always keep our network going and has continued to keep up with the ever changing world of computers. More importantly, is their 24hr availability and reliability. No matter what the issue, they have the technology to instantly log into our systems and fix the problem."
Gary Bazelon
"Axcell does a great job with our database. They are efficient and reliable. They answer all of our questions, and produce great results."
Steve Hyman
"Axcell provides Virtual Hosting for us, to host our Web-based application. Initial setup was on time and complete, with no issues. Everything we needed was complete on day one. We have had no problems with our systems or hosting. Speed and response time of the systems has exceeded our initial expectations. We have been very satisfied with Axcell."
Eric Wellin
"Axcell is able to solve any problem in the IT area in an efficient manner. They are very knowledgeable"
Herb Brenner
"Axcell is very responsive in responding to our IT needs and has helped us maintain a stable and reliable network environment."
Jerry Ward
"Axcell has done a GREAT job for me with a no-nonsense view of solving a problem and recommending a solution. I value his creative and valuable assistance."
Harry Reczek
Vice President
"I had the opportunity to work with Axcell Technologies during my time as an accountant at Africk Chez PC. Axcell is very knowledgeable regarding any IT issues or questions I had and was always very professional in our interactions. I would highly recommend Axcell to anyone."
Randall Henry