Accounting and Financial

Helping Accountants, Tax Preparers, Financial Advisors almost two decades!

If you are in the Financial Services Industry, access to key information is your lifeblood.  Axcell will assist you in making sure that your critical systems are available, secure and performing as they should.  We are experienced in the special security and compliance requirements of these industries.

Accounting Firms

We understand the pressure that accounting professionals are under every day to meet client expectations, meet deadlines and to stay productive and billable.   We also understand that data security is paramount and we will help design and manage systems that make sure that all firm data is safe and available 24x7x365.

We have experience with many of the most widely used software platforms in the industry including: Prosystem FX, Lacerate, Drake, Timeslips, and many others.

Financial Advisors

Axcell has been working with Broker/Dealers, Financial Advisors and Financial Planners for over 10 years.  We work to make sure that critical systems are available and that client data is secure and protected.  We are familiar with the compliance requirements of the various regulatory agencies and understand how to make sure you remain in compliance as far as Data Retention and Email Archiving.

Tax Preparers

We understand that “Tax Season” can really be all year long!  With extensions and quarterly returns, Corporate, Personal, there is really no time that isn’t “Tax Season”.  Having reliable systems for staff is critical all year long and making sure systems are available and performing well is what we do best!

We have experience with many of the most widely used software platforms in the industry including: Lacerate, Drake, Timeslips, Quickbooks, and many others.

Bill More!

When systems are well designed and perform well, staff wastes less time.

Keeping Employees Happy!

Computers can be frustrating and when there is an issue, every minute you wait, seems like forever. When your employees have a question, we are right there to assist!

Keeping Clients Happy!

When your staff is happy and they have access to the information they need to service your clients they can better serve your clients!

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"Axcell Technologies is one of the few technology firms I have worked with that was able to deliver a completely reliable network operating environment to support our rapid growth (2 1/2 years with no unplanned down time). I intend to continue working with Axcell in the future, the ultimate endorsement."
Charles Yager
"We've outsourced our IT to Axcell for 7 years. They always keep our network going and has continued to keep up with the ever changing world of computers. More importantly, is their 24hr availability and reliability. No matter what the issue, they have the technology to instantly log into our systems and fix the problem."
Gary Bazelon
"Axcell gave us excellent service and kept us well informed on new developments in the industry or steered us in the right direction so we could manage our business more efficiently. I would highly recommend Axcell."
Dave Olson